Past Mods and Repairs

Peavey Windsors “Mississippi Marshall”
coming soon…

Epiphone Valve Junior “Mini OrMat”
coming soon…

Line 6 DL-4
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Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress
coming soon…

Joyo Ultimate Overdrive
A poor man’s Fulltone OCD, these can be found new for under $30.
JF02_mod1 JF02_mod2
Obvious cosmetic changes had to be made; this pedal is ugly as hell stock.

I gave it the AWT signature bright clear blue LED, as well as a quick and dirty brushed metal facelift, along with new knobs and American Wizard Toneworks nameplate to pull it all together.

Aside from the necessary visual makeover, I modified the tone circuit to improve the range of the Tone knob and open up the sound a little. This thing is versatile; it’s fairly transparent until cranked, then its a little monster.