Based out of a small workspace in the Greenfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – American Wizard Toneworks was born from a love for fuzzed-out walls of noise and an un-dying curiosity of how things work.

“I always wanted boutique and rare vintage gear, but I could never afford it, so I started modifying my existing gear to get the sound I was searching for. It was only a matter of time until I started building my own effects from scratch.  I spend most of my time researching the classics and furthering my skills to improve my future projects.

I take care in building each pedal by hand using quality components.  I test every last pedal before getting it to the customer.  There’s no fancy artwork or paint jobs to wear away, just sturdy cast enclosures with minimal nameplates. My goal is to put powerful sonic weapons into the hands of worthy doom-bringers and fuzz fanatics to hopefully inspire them to make the best music possible.

I stand behind my work.  I don’t build/sell anything I wouldn’t use myself.”

-Clayton Donofrio
 American Wizard Toneworks